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4May, 2011

Service Advisor Training: Circle Of Trust

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I had the idea for the “Circle Of Trust” on a flight back from the east coast. I had been talking to some service advisors and was explaining how to think about the customer relationship long term. Explaining that the real success as a service advisor is in following the same system and thinking long term.

So on my flight I drew it out on my note pad. I later added “Good Beside Manner” before I recorded the video.

The “New Employee/Quick Start” module in “Service Advisor Sales Breakthrough” breaks this down in more detail. Right now its nine videos of each aspect of the system.

Its really about how you can stop selling and become a trusted friend to your customers.

When you become a trusted friend, they will ask you for the sale.

From the Fockers “We are starting our own Circle Of Trust”

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