21Sep, 2010

Wont Help Your C/P Sales or C.S.I But Still Funny

This Is What Happens When A Hard Core Rams Fan Bets Against The Raiders….He has to wear a Raiders Jersey For A Week

Carl You look like a real member of RAIDERS NATION

P.S. What happen to my Sea-hawks?

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13Jul, 2010

Protected: Service Department Pit Stop Email Sequence

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31Jan, 2010

What The Car Business Needs Can Be Found At Apple

I hope someone at a car manufacturer is more than just watching the Apple launch of the new “Ipad.”

It’s the execution of a pure old-fashioned product launch, which is exactly what we need a car manufacturer to step up and do. Create a product that is exciting and people can’t wait to see it, then keep it a secret but leak just enough to create hype so that millions of people are waiting for the unveiling.


I get the feeling that auto manufactures spend hundreds of millions on product design and development and no one is as excited about that as they are a $500 hand held computer.

Case in point, last year I leased a brand new 2009 BMW. I love the car, and it drives great, but it’s same old same as far as features go. It doesn’t have satellite radio (an option), my Iphone doesn’t integrate in any meaningful way, and the car just doesn’t tickle my curiosity like my I-Phone or Mac Book Pro.

It’s clear that the long-standing mistake made in our business is that we think its safety, reliability and mpg that sells cars.

Although it is now an expectation, that isn’t why consumers buy cars. If you have ever read the book “The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way to Understand Why People Around the World Live and Buy as They Do ” by Clotaire Rapaille, he explains that after Chrysler Executives hired him to help with product design, they went on to tell him that customers wanted reliability, safety, and mpg.
Where they wrong? You bet…   smirk

After he performed his research, he found that the American car buyer at heart viewed the automobile as freedom.
At a very early age we view the car as our escape vehicle from our parents.
I can connect with that personally, I will never forget at sixteen, the feeling of being able to go pick up my girlfriend in my Chevy Citation. Paint peeling and all, it was the start of adulthood for me. It fed my imagination with all of the ideas and plans for the future.

I have come to expect that the automotive industry is slow to adapt to integrating new technologies into cars. But I have made a career out of changing expectations and results quickly. It takes a little imagination and pinpoint execution to get it done right.

Why can’t I order my dream get away car in one of hundred’s of colors, with all the cool options included, and have it be fun and intuitive?

People buy based on emotions, and Apple has done a fantastic job invoking emotions of awe, acceptance (being part of the club), and uniqueness from consumers.

The auto industry needs to take a page out of the book of the marketing gurus at Apple and give the consumers that same feeling with the new products they unveil.

American consumers absolutely love their cars. We created the car culture. Auto manufacturers have an easy audience to market to, consumers are hungry for fun and exciting new cars right now, and all the auto industry has to do is step up to bat.

This is a great opportunity for Toyota, with all it’s recent woes, to distract consumers away from the bad publicity by launching a fun and innovative new vehicle to its line of boring, economy minded, people movers. Combine that with clever marketing and a strategic buzz build-up to create just what they need to get them out of their current pickle and breath life into the stagnant automotive market.

They would undoubtedly sell out and be slow to meet demand, only amplifying the desirability and hype of their new product.

Consumer’s want new and awesome, they want their beloved vehicles, one of their biggest investments, to keep pace with the technological and styling advancements of their other gadgets. No one wants to see another unremarkable and vapid remake of a classic car like the gimmicky Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers.

lOur primal purchasing impulses are not stimulated by city fuel economy increasing by 3 mpg, or an additional airbag stuffed in some pillar somewhere.

The auto manufacturer that figures this out first and responds effectively will be able to leap above the competition and become the dominant leader in the market.

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24Aug, 2009

Check Out My Article In The August Issue Of Fixed Ops Magazine “Be A Parts Bulldog”

In The August Issue Of Fixed Ops Magazine.

I share one of my really big secrets…I already had an email from a friend that I shared to much…

I call it the “Bulldog System” and it will help you sell more maintenance and increase you parts gross profit at the same time.

Click on either picture to go to the online version of the magazine

Click On Magazine To Be Taken To The August Online Issue

Click On Magazine To Be Taken To The August Online Issue

Article is on page 32-33….or just look for the picture of the Bulldog…


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18Aug, 2009

Interview: Mr. X “Automotive Service Manager” at the top of his game

Meet Mr. X an Automotive Service Manager

I recently caught Mr. X in  Las Vegas and twisted his arm to sit down and let me interview him.

He is the real deal with an Effective Labor Rate of $173.99

Mr X with Tyler Connolly from Theory Of A Dead Man at Crue Fest

Mr X with Tyler Connolly from Theory Of A Dead Man at Crue Fest

Not surprising with all of the bad Automotive Industry News, Mr X seemed immune to it all.

He was talking about Driving Sales, Service Marketing, Service Advisor Training, all while having a great time

He shares his Secrets to:

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29Apr, 2009

Increase Your Service Department Sales This Summer (H20 Profit Exploder)

We literally went from selling 6 “Express Details” a day to 24 by one simple change in our process….Watch video

Increase Your Customer Pay Sales This Summer

1. Create a Detail/Spa Menu (Good, Better, Best)

2. If at all possible, present the menu to customer before they get to the Service Advisor

3. Purpose is to sell the Express Detail (99.95-129.95). Should take detailer/car washer less that an hour to complete

Bulldog in the bath

More on Increase Your Service Department Sales This Summer (H20 Profit Exploder)

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18Apr, 2009

Walk Around Role Play With “Number One” (Induction Service)

I was recently asked to roll play how I would

sell an induction service by “Number One”

“Number One” is his nickname because he won our monthly BMW advisor competition 6 out of 12 months last year. Sometimes it feels like he wins the monthly competition at will and no coincidence he is asking to roll play. Always looking for the law of “slight edge”

"Number One"

"Number One"

I think he thought I would go into a bunch of product knowledge and information, but that never sells anything… He made it to easy on me, because he said our customer was driving an M3…


Here’s how the conversation went….


Me: Good morning Mr M3…how are you doing? (I open his door for him and he gets out of the car)

Mr. M3: Great Thanks

Me: I love your car…how long have you had it?

Mr. M3: Over two years I think…

Me: It’s awesome…ok can I ask you a real question? How fast have you driven it?

Mr. M3: Haha 140….

Me: No way…what was that like? Holy cow…

Mr. M3: (Big Smile) (Reliving that in his head)

Me: Where did you do it?

Mr. M3: I-15 on my way to Vegas

Me: Do you go to Vegas a lot?

Mr. M3: Yeah, I guess

Me: I love Vegas…where do you stay?

Mr. M3: Depends, but most of the time the Mandalay Bay…

Me: Let’s walk around your car and check it out…. could you do me a favor….

Mr. M3: Sure

Me: I’m going to measure your tread depth and check your tire pressure…. while I do that, could you write down the tread depth and psi for me in these boxes here as we go (I hand Mr. M3 the clip board with the walk around sheet, and a pen)…we also will check the car for any bumps and bruises…

More on Walk Around Role Play With “Number One” (Induction Service)

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10Feb, 2009

When A Rock Band Has A Clear Vision

Cold Play Has It All Summarized On One Little Piece Of Paper


I love this stuff…..

One of my observations on very successful people is it’s rarely a mistake.

I have seen it over and over  again..

If you saw 60 Minutes on Sunday you understand. You’re always trying to surround yourself with the best people and just like Cold Play you have a clear vision and work harder than your competition.

In the interview with Steve Croft of 60 minutes, Chris Martin (Singer) showed him their band rules posted on the studio wall. He mentioned that he was breaking rule number 6 as they spoke.

Most successful people have rule 10 in common.

Read the rules…

More on When A Rock Band Has A Clear Vision

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3Feb, 2009

2008 “Top Dog” Managers and Advisors

Top Dog

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4Jan, 2009

7 Reason You Can Be Successful in 2009


7 Reason You Can Be Successful in 2009

1. Face the facts. What happens in your business STILL has much more to do with how you think, who you surround yourself with, who you connect with, and what you do than what is happening on Wall Street or FOX News.

2. Since it’s hard to tell in this market where to invest your time and money. Invest it in yourself. I personally will spend more time in 2009 on personal training, mastermind groups, and business consulting.

3. Don’t sit and wait for things to return to the way they were. An entirely new economy is starting, presenting new opportunities, challenges, and requiring new strategies.

4. The slow and under prepared might go away. Learn to execute faster, and embrace complexity in this new market. Speed and momentum are still one of the hardest things to compete with. If you are faster to react, with better systems and strategies, you will not only win, you will pick up the market share when others fall by the way side.

5. Market the difference between you and your competition. Focus more on what makes you different than your competition. Develop new customer benefits that your competition could not execute even if they tried to copy you.

6. Talent is everywhere. Because of cut backs and stores closing….. great and really talented people are available. Figure out how to attract them.

7. Now is a great time to get the entire ship pointed in the same direction. Leaders break down barriers and execute. What have you done today? In the last two hours?

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