South Bay BMW
We saw a 225% Increase In Net Profit

“Your black and white demonstration of results made me realize the possibilities of your program in our dealership.  I watched with trust and confidence as you guided our people from resistance into a cohesive profit generating team.”  Our results after working with you have been more than impressive. We saw a 225% increase in Net Profit!”
Peter Boesen, South Bay BMW/Mini

Pacific BMW
“Within two months, we have seen a 3-point increase in CSI, 100K increase in CP Sales and a 3-point increase CP Gross Profit Percentage.”
Reggie, Pacific BMW Glendale California

Puente Hills Toyota

Effective Labor Rate + $11, PER RO +$25, Overall C/P Labor +25%
Our Customer Pay Labor Sales were running flat year over year. We saw an immediate increase of over $25.00 labor per repair order and an increase of over $11.00 in effective labor rate. Now we are seeing over a 25% increase year over year in Customer Pay Labor Sales in spite of our repair order count staying the same. Chris Collins and his team worked with us as a partner in ensuring the success of our service department. Most consultants work with a department for a few days but Chris was in it for the long haul and success. He was able to coach and make changes immediately and the support has kept things on track.

Mike Vogel, Puente Hills Toyota

Bob Smith BMW
“Chris Collins has had a profound impact on our Service Department.  Not only have we seen a dramatic improvement in our Customer Pay Labor Sales, CSI, and profitability, but most importantly he has shown us how to have fun while producing great results!  The Secret Service Society Managers and Advisor Competition has been a crucial part of his recipe for success.  Our Advisors and Managers are on the edge of their seats each week as the await the contest rankings.  Chris’s sense of fun and competitive spirit has been contagious and an invaluable asset to our organization.”
Catherine Smith, Bob Smith BMW

Inner Circle Coaching Group (Secret Service Society)
•    Service Advisor/Manager Competition-Composite
•    Monthly closed door Inner Circle meeting where every member will receive an hour to present growth opportunities and present what’s working in their business?
•    Quarterly the offsite meeting with other Inner Circle Members.
•    Once a quarter in your dealership on site coaching session.
•    Quarterly  book reports on the best books on: business, personal development, marketing…
•    Daily tracking of your numbers and performance.
•    1 (30 minute) phone support calls to address your roadblocks or victories each month.
•    Unlimited Email Support

In House Consulting   Currently Sold Out/Waiting list
Consulting/Management Partnership Contract
Need to get things going in your fixed operations fast. We have an in house consulting program that is unlike any kind of consulting agreement in the industry. We take a commission roll in our performance.  It’s a 14-month program and is completely focused on building the best and most profitable Service Department where we take a vested interest in our performance. Because of the virtual guarantee of our performance in this agreement we choose our clients carefully. Because of our high standards of performance we put on ourselves, and the amount of time it takes we are limited to the amount of clients we can help at one given time.

Service Advisor Training. (Basic and Advanced Sales)
What’s different about this training is that it’s not a boring classroom style training that just gets you pumped up. Our focus is on results to your bottom line. So we have coupled the classroom training with a hands on in the service drive training. Its what we call the ABC’s of service writing.
We will train your advisors from the meet and greet to advance selling and advanced walk a-round.
In the classroom training and then hands on “one on one” in the service drive training. It takes 4 days. Two 60-90 minute before or after hours training and 3 days of one on one in the drive with your advisors training.

Chris Collins Daily in Store Consulting
Want unbiased set of eyes on your operation and performance? Proven and dramatically life changing solutions for your business. This is only offered on a case-by-case basis.

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Digging for Profits By Chris Collins - Dealer Service Training Specialist

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